In Spain, few porcelain manufacturing companies have achieved the prestige and know-how of Pordamsa. It provides excellent dishes to well-known chefs of our country. The brothers Roca, Martin Berastegui or Alex Atala are some of the chefs who use their dishes as inseparable elements of their creations. As we discussed in our last post, today we approach this company as a reference in the world of ceramics.


Pordamsa: international reference in porcelain ceramics

Pordamsa is based in La Bisbal de L’Empordà, a small town in Girona with a very long tradition of ceramics. Faced with an overwhelming competition of artisans and large factories, Podamsa found its place in the market by offering high quality porcelain with avant-garde designs. Since its origins, more than 35 years ago, its designs are made by hand and are handcrafted. To this day, its brand is internationally recognized for its modern and functional creations.

Faithful to their origins, they work with the best raw materials from Limoges, Argentina and South Africa. This allows the production of high-quality porcelains with original shapes, suitable for the hard demands of kitchens and resistant to the use of the dishwasher.

Pordamsa is today an international reference in porcelain ceramics. At the moment it has 10.000m2 of factory and 2000m2 of exhibition, with a wide catalog of products ranging from tableware for professionals to decorative elements.

Without losing its innovative spirit, Pordamsa offers a permanent stock in all its creations. In addition, they offer the possibility to create designs, as well as advice on the selection of dishes for professionals.

In the evolution of the last years, this company has managed to consolidate itself as a model of success in the sector of ceramics, covering sectors such as kitchen, bathroom, cutlery, table or home.

fabrica-de-porcelana-artesanal-pordamsa plato-pordamsa-diseno-original

 Examples of Pordamsa porcelain pottery

We have chosen some of its dishes for restaurants with a woodwork inspiration. In this case, the designs of this ceramic are inspired by the rings of trees, leaves and elements of the forest.

The designers make first a model piece, highly elaborated and worked in detail. For this, they use real elements, as is the case of a banana leaf, symbol of the city of Girona. It is printed on the porcelain, where its nerves and texture are marked. Subsequently, the sample is cleaned and cooked. This step is performed as many times as necessary until you get a piece of unique quality. Once the final piece is obtained, the mold is constructed, being able to reproduce it as many times as necessary.

 pordamsa-porcelana ceramica-porcelana-pordamsavajillas-profesionales-porcelana-pordamsa

The finish, depending on each series, can be fine (varnished) or matte (slightly rough touch). In any case they are impermeable, being able to be washed by hand or in the dishwasher without problems. In spite of the delicate forms of these designs, they resist without problems the chafing, small blows or even the passage of a clumsy knife. Personally, we can attest to the high quality of its designs, surprising both in appearance and in use.

If you have curiosity, you will find all his creations in his online store.

In addition, its headquarters in Bisbal de l’Empordà is open from Monday to Sunday.

We leave it here for today. See you on the next post 😉