New year, new colours. We start this 2017 with 7 color trends that are becoming fashionable in the world of interior decoration. Sophisticated colours and elegant, designers and interior designers are already starting to work with them.

2017 Color Trends

There are 7 colors for this year. Combined or alone, they give us an extra of fresh air and a lot of inspiration.

1.- Dark blue. The dark blue refers to the ocean. Rooms with walls of this colours are, at the very least, breathtaking. Of course, we should always have natural light, against better, to achieve this effect.


2.- Pink Yarrow. Combined with the previous one, it allows us to emphasize small details, like pillows, pictures or decorative elements of reduced size. It contributes that cozy counterpoint, generating modern and warm spaces.

3- Mineral gray. For the more traditional, mineral gray allows us to work with solemn spaces. Its stronger tone breaks with the neutrality of the gray classic, acquiring now with a character of its own. If you are looking for elegance, this is one of the best color trends for this 2017.


4.- Blue-Green. For lovers of vintage styles, blue-green are the color trends to consider. Combined with dark brown, white and yellow. And if you are the one that needs a contrast with character, combine it with orange like this kitchen.

5.- Pink quartz. It is more intense than the pastel pink and that difference gives it a very special chalice. It is feminine, powerful and comes loaded with energy. If you want to exploit this colors to the maximum, do not forget to place it in spaces with plenty of natural light. The effect is spectacular.


6.- Boho Jewels – Hazelnut. We refer to the broken white, which can range from grayish white to soft brown. Therefore, it is usually compared with shades of precious stones. It combines with a multitude of colours and will allow us to highlight furniture. If you want to give greater prominence to a carpet or a lamp, hazelnut colours is one of the best options.


7.- Yellow Primrose. Finally, the intense yellow. Whether for decorative pieces, for furniture or walls, knowing how to place this colors is more difficult than it seems. First of all, it requires originality and you have to take the risk. If we dare, the result can be as inspiring as the one in this bedroom.

It seems that these are some of the color trends for 2017. If you look, they are related to the winter fashion colors. So be aware, before the arrival of spring, it is possible that you have crossed with more than one of these colors.

Photos: Pinterest, Elledecor y