If you are a faithful follower or have recently discovered us, today we present a selection of our best handmade posts. From them you can get ideas for decoration, possible travel destinations or even professional woodworking tips. Let’s start!


Best handmade posts compilation

The best diy books:

  • Whether for gift or for yourself, in this selection of books you will find thousands of ideas. They are a source of inspiration, with varied content of decoration, woodworker, DIY … In addition, they have very good photographs and tutorials, that will serve you both for domestic and professional use.

Basic tools for all craftsman:

  • If you are a professional craftsman or amateur you should have these tools. They are basic, but will serve you for most jobs and projects.

Best watercolors for your handmade projects:

  • What better way to finish your projects than by painting them with watercolor? In this post we recommend you the best brands of watercolors on the market, their prices and features.

3 Recipes simple and delicious for foodies:

Here are three simple and delicious recipes, easy to prepare. And what better than a full menu: an entree, a main course and a dessert:

Super nachos with guacamole and mango salad:

  • Whether as an appetizer, first or second course, the nachos have all the ingredients to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Raviolis with fresh peas:

  • If you prefer pasta, this recipe will like you. This dish gives us an extra energy for your day by day.

A dessert for the sweetest: tiramisu

  • If you have also heard of “my mother prepares the best tiramisu,” in this post we reveal the mystery. We tell you how to prepare yourself this classic and delicious dessert.

Florence: capital of handmade products 

  • Few cities have made us fall in love like Florence has. Cradle of the Renaissance is, still today, a reference in handcrafted and handmade products. We get lost in its streets to discover them.

We finish the year here, but we will continue the 2017 with new projects, ideas, tips, interviews, destinations … If you like the handmade world, you can not miss Labois.com.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!