We wanted to dedicate a post to the painting Chalk Paint. We are impressed by its features, colors and light. Therefore, today we talk about this product and solve some of the most frequent doubts. We started.

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What is Chalk Paint?

Is a natural water-based paint that comes from the chalk. It is important to keep in mind that this will condition, in part, its applications. Also, there are brands that under the name “Chalk Paint” incorporate other chemical agents to enhance the pigment or durability. In these cases, we must bear in mind that they do not strictly follow the definition and, therefore, do not have the same environment respect.

It is important to note that, despite the trend or fashion that is marking this type of painting, is not new. In fact, it was already used in the Italian Renaissance (as Miquelangelo).

Main advantages:

  – It is not necessary to polish or remove the surface where it is to be applied. We will only need a smooth and even surface to start working.

– We can paint a multitude of materials, from plastic to iron, through wood or cement. As it is a thicker paint, it is not very likely that we do not need priming.

– If it follows the definition, it should not present toxic or harmful components in health. For this reason, it is a very good option to paint furniture or walls of children’s spaces.

– We find a wide assortment of brands where you can choose from a multitude of colors and finishes.

Brands of Chalk Paint

If you look for “Chalk Paint” in google you will see that there is a wide assortment of brands, workshops and very similar products. It is advisable to opt for those that demonstrate an eco-friendly point. It is true that if the paint were 100% natural, the pigments would be lost over time or would not resist the passage of a damp cloth. Therefore it is important to look at those brands that have managed to offer a painting as resistant as the others without losing the essence of the composition.

Although we can find several in the market, one of the most convincing is the Authentic Chalk Paint. It is one of the best brands we have worked with and its philosophy of eco + innovation has convinced us. And it is a Chalk Paint faithful to the origins (35% chalk), which respects health and ecology, but at the same time offers us high performance.

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Authentic Chalk Paint offers paint with humidity regulator and UV filter, being one of the few brands that offers the products thought and suitable for the outdoors. This results in a durable, compact and pore-free finish of the materials. In the case of wood, these properties are maintained, although we must give several layers. Still, it allows the natural perspiration of the wood.

The color palette offered by Autentico Chalk Paint and the finish achieved is spectacular. On the walls we can get an elegant and exclusive decoration, giving a unique touch to our decoration. Therefore, we invite you to enter their website and discover all the options they offer. It will be difficult to decide 😉

And you with what color of Chalk Paint would you like? If you have tried it, how was your experience?

See you in the next post 😉