This year the Christmas decoration is more crafts than ever. We bring you, nothing more and nothing less than 14 ideas to decorate your home or business. They are solutions for all spaces and pockets, so it will be difficult to decide. This time we have been inspired by handmade professionals, following the latest trends and styles.


Christmas decoration 2017: ideas for home

White and gold:

White and gold are the colors of this Christmas. It was presented by Liv Judd in an interview at his home by Canadian Living. The gold provides a bright and warm hue that contrasts with the white. Both add a perfect and elegant combination at home. From curtains to candles, we can compose spaces with different elements, achieving a unique atmosphere.

Children room in full color:

The children room is the best space for creativity and new projects. And for that, what better than bet on a full color Christmas decoration? An easy and simple way is to use fabrics to make banners or pompoms. If we can also include white and gold to integrate it as one more color, the result will be perfect.

Decoration with pallets:

Today the new trend is to decorate your home with pallets. A handmade project in family that you can decorate as you want: pompoms, candles, lights, …

Natural materials:

Pineapples, trunks, branches, … nature offers us an endless amount of fruits and materials that we can use, barely modified in precise decorative Christmas objects. If we combine them with elements crafts, we can do things as cool as this mobile.

Small decorative details:

Christmas can be represented even in the smallest spaces. Sample of it is this original salt-cellar, easy and simple to do. We only need a medium bottle and small figures that remember Christmas or winter.


Christmas decoration for outdoor

Lighted Green Garlands

The exterior lighting for Christmas is a classic. This year we propose to replace them with new lights and green garlands like these ones. Although their cost may be higher, garlands offer a distinctive Christmas flair, bringing elegance and warmth.

Reuse old elements

You can use antique furniture such as chairs, coffee tables or pots to create a cool space for Christmas. With a layer of neutral paint (white, gray, slate …) you can give greater prominence to the elements you put on: red fabrics, prints, tablecloths, … With very little money you can have a space dedicated to these dates like this one realized By Marty’s Musings.

Decorate your business

Whether it’s a large or small business, decorating the facade of your business is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competition. And if you do it with pleasure (it is not necessary to invest much time or money) you will motivate your workers and attract more customers.

The Christmas tree, also outdoor

If you have enough space in the entrance of your house you can place one or several Christmas trees in the exterior. In this way, you will draw the Christmas spirit beyond your walls. Some ideas in this link.

Statues with charm

Our final tip: place some charming statue at the entrance of the house. Properly lit, a statue of medium or large size will give a unique touch to your home. You can opt for a Santa Claus, Three Kings, reindeer, … or a nutcracker like the one in the photo.


And you already have your idea of decoration for this Christmas 2017? What materials would you like to use? See you in the next post 😉