Fashion is not only for clothes, we can find it in decoration. Home & living is basic element of our daily lives. But if you are already thinking about the new tends for next season, read this post. Today we present the top 5 design trends for 2018

Top 5 Design Tends for the next season- 2018

Lighting, furniture, decorative objects, art, upholstery … The world of decoration encompasses everything that defines a space. We selected 5 ideas about which many brands and designers are already working.

colourful design for next year

Bright colors

We leave behind the neutral colours and the muted tones. The colour returns more alive than ever, directly from the 90s. If you remember, a few days ago we talked about the colours of fashion and we saw that the red or the intense green appeared again. This trend is also found in the decoration, in colours as retro as the iridescent.


It has born of the tendency of people to possess fewer objects. The quality is valued more and more, while it tends to reduce unnecessary things. In addition, the houses tend to be smaller, forcing to find solutions that can have several functions at the same time. Therefore, as well as a more obvious social commitment to the environment, they present new challenges.

handmade decoration and quality


With the crisis of the last years the ideal of finding a job and a residence for life was lost. Today the paradigm is totally opposite. The digital age has created new opportunities and interconnections that open new frontiers. This allows greater mobility, especially among younger generations. Changing country, city or work today is not a drama, it is an everyday fact.

This is the reality to which furniture and other decorative objects must be adjusted. How? Offering a nomadic design, designed to be assembled and dismantled easily and with a price not excessively expensive.

Natural materials

Granite, ceramic, wood or iron are some of the most popular materials because of their textures. The natural finishes allow us to return to the essential, connecting with the beauty of imperfection. For this reason, handmade products are increasingly requested due to their originality and exclusivity.

colour ceramic for 2018


Finally, one of the most complex designs for 2018: hybrids. They are products made from a mixture of styles and influences. The wabi-sabi and how it has been applied to the West is an example of this. It is the fruit of a continuous cultural exchange, thanks to the internet. So, traveling today is easier, faster and cheaper than ever. All this contributes to the interaction between different cultures and techniques, generating a greater diversity of styles and designs.


What do you think? Do you think you could apply any of these ideas to your business?