With the arrival of summer, it is time to prepare your yard, patio or garden for outdoor entertainment. Welcome the sunny days with an original and fresh outdoor decoration. In today’s post we bring you the latest trends and ideas for outdoor decoration.

Outdoor decoration trends for your yard, patio or garden

authentic material for outdoor decoration

Natural materials

The elegant and modern look of natural materials is one of the main trends of this year. After years of minimalist and synthetic materials, furniture designers and decorators are interested again in natural materials. Wood plays an essential role here as authentic and organic look. In addition, we analysed in an earlier post the best outdoor woods.

outdoor fun original textile for garden

Original prints

Who said that the cushions and carpets for outdoor decoration should be boring? This year we find textile in full colour, with original and striking prints. In the case of covers, for example, they allow us to give a renewed air to our patio or garden. It is an easy, economical and fun way to update our space for this summer.

sailor style decoration for terrace or garden

Fresh and sea colours

In addition, the blue colours are the last trend. The classic Mediterranean style returns this summer. From fabrics to ceramic, these colours give a fresh and contemporary look to your decor.

color blocks to decorate garden with flowers

Color Blocks

What began as a women’s fashion is starting to use it in outdoor decor. It is about creating a colour block, as a frame, where to put an object or plant. It is an easy and cheap idea, which can highlight colourful elements.

flowers for dyeing textiles or natural fabrics

Gardens of natural dyes

It is one of the latest trends that have appeared in the United States. They are plants used to make dyes for colouring textiles. The dye gardening is booming and in our country is beginning to take its first steps.

garden with vintage decor

Retro furniture 

Forget the iron, plastic or composites. This year retro style furniture is the new trend. In addition to wood, rattan or cane are materials that are in demand. Take the idea of vintage decoration to your yard, patio or garden.

shrubs and plants for current garden tendencies

Small shrubs and proximity plants

If you’ve always wanted to have a garden but you’ve never had space, small shrubs are a very interesting alternative. These are species with moderate growth that do not need much maintenance. This is the case of the Hydrangea Paniculata, a shrub with a clean and elegant appearance that blooms in summer.

On the other hand, the interest of proximity or native plants is increasing. We do not refer to those that are typical of an ecosystem, such as rosemary in the Mediterranean area, but those that are born only in a concrete environment. Although they are difficult to find, it involves a valuation by the local and native species, obtaining an exclusive and eco-sustainable garden.