If you walk through Florence and you find the restaurant Le Menagere, maybe you will fall in love. This place unites 6 different businesses under the same roof. We explain you more.


Le Menagere: an inspiring foodie space

Do you imagine a place that is a restaurant with a “vintage” character and a decoration shop? Le Menagere is something like that. Located in the heart of Florence, it is a unique and original space that you can not miss. To recognize it is easy, to define it not so much.

The restaurant Le Menagere is located in an old hardware store founded in 1896. Recently, a business group decided to renovate the restaurant (1500 m2) in a concept restaurant for foodies. Although the idea may seem curious, the goal was to create an unconventional space. The design and the characteristics of the space led to a project that, today, hosts a restaurant, bistro, music, cocktails, florist and decoration shop. The result is a unique place that conveys that romantic and delicate atmosphere that we love so much the lovers of the things done by hand.

Its large windows, opened in summer, invite you to enter. The spaces are distributed on a ground floor divided into 3 spaces. In the background, a covered patio separates the musical area from the kitchens.


Eating in the restaurant Le Menagere

This place is outstanding, but the kitchen too. As expected, the menu also presents the same quality. While the price may seem rather high, we must say that it is an experience. In the menu we will find products of season and popular tradition, always elaborated following the standards of haute cuisine.

On the other hand, we must remember, Le Menagere is much more than a place to eat. Practically every week they offer live concerts of various styles. Also, it is a space where you can have breakfast, take a break after a day of work or eat its delicious meals.

In the spaces dedicated to decoration you will find ceramic pieces and accessories of all sizes. It is a good place to take a souvenir.


In short, if you live, travel or cross Florence; The restaurant Le Menagere is a must visit. If you also decide to stay for lunch, you will not be disappointed. We have tried it and we can attest to its good know-how.

The Le Menagere space is open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.