We open cooking section in Labois blog. We open a new way to another kind of handmade, dedicated to the elaboration of food products and the kitchen. Always with the focus in the small producers and seasonal fruits, in this section we would present recipes, dishes and restaurants. Everything thought for foodies.

Best cooking: Mediterranean food 

To inaugurate this section, we wanted to dedicate this first post to one of the best diets in the world: the Mediterranean. That is why we have gone to Begur, one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa Brava. Surrounded by crystalline sea, this small village hides a unique charm between its colourful streets and small coves. The “Indians”, Catalans who returned from Cuba after the loss of this colony at the end of the nineteenth century, left in this village a very special cultural and gastronomic mix.





By the sea, gastronomy is very important for Costa Brava, as the fish and the seasonal fruits, typical of the Mediterranean landscape. The cereals, the vine and the oil are the three basic elements of here. With the maturity of the summer the fruits most appreciated come: grapes, figs, walnuts, almonds… Always combined with cheese and bread.


If you liked this first cooking post, be aware to the next. We go to Renaissance Italian capital to taste the best dishes 😉