This 2017 has been the first year of Labois. For us it has been full of new challenges, discoveries and experiences. We have met artisans, we have travelled a lot and we have tried crproducts from the best crafts. And next year will be much better with lot of new surprises.

Meanwhile, we bid farewell this year with a selection of the best posts. It is our little tribute to all the followers who, sooner or later, have joined the Labois community.

artesania profesional divulgacion

The best post of Labois in 2017:

The world of professional craftsmanship is inevitably linked to the market. Among the many sales channels that exist today, artisan fairs continue to be one of the most important. Therefore, it is appropriate to remember these 8 tips to succeed in this type of event.

Also, crafts have found in the retail an important way of being known, sell and get specifiers. Getting it is not easy, so we recommend you take a look at these seven ideas that are setting trends.

handmade decoracion piedra exterior

Within this line of retail, we find the gastronomy. Oddly enough, they share many aspects than can generate innovative spaces like Le Menagere.

A place open to the public, offering a handmade product and quality as a reference are just some of the many elements that today share crafts and gastronomy. For this reason, here you will find some ideas that can help (and much) in your restaurant.

New sections

This 2017 we have started new sections. One of them is ceramics, where we have presented concepts, techniques and types of clay. Next year we will continue expanding this section, as well as we will meet more artisans from this sector. And, among all the news of this year, one of our favourites has been the interviews. For us it is an honor – and a pleasure – to be able to interview some of the best professionals in our country. We would like to thank all of them for their participation in our project and the time they have devoted to us :)

prado verde infinito

To finish, how about a trip? In Labois we have discovered fairy towns, infinite meadows, mountains that reach the sky and places where history merges with fantasy. If you want to know them in detail, here you will find them.

We put an end to today’s post. Thank you very much for being there and we hope to see you again very soon.

We return on January 8.

Merry Christmas and a super new year 2018!