Today we present the Pithy project by Rita, an Italian designer who landed in the world of handmade jewellery. She currently resides in Barcelona where she makes wooden jewellery with a minimalist, colourful and cheerful style. She has managed to combine design with the warmth of wood, resulting in very trendy collections.

As we love wood, as much as Rita, we wanted to know more about her. She explains what inspired her to create Pithy and the process of making her jewels. Today, her hobby has allowed her to make a place in the artisan world, very present online. We invite you to meet her, because her optimism is contagious and sure inspires you in your handmade projects.

Jewels wood geometry Jewelry handmade process

Interview to Rita – PITHY

When did your love for jewellery begin?

I am a graphic designer and many years ago I was with my brother in Edinburgh and in a tiny shop we saw a pair of triangular earrings made with wood and plexiglass and laser cut. I still did not know this technique but I started to get interested. The truth is that the laser has been a revelation because I discovered that everything that went through my head could be represented to perfection. I started to draw jewels for myself and my friends and then I started participating in street markets, I made the website and finally the online store.

Where did you learn to create them? (school, self-taught …)

Thanks to the programs I learned at the university I can do the drawing and then I paint each of my pieces by hand. I have always liked to paint and wood is the perfect material to do it. I would say that I am half-self-taught!

Did you follow a model or have any reference?

I love art, design and … geometry. The art world has been a great reference for me. And also the reality … now many things that I see can become a jewel. It’s like a photographer that every corner he sees is already shaped in his head a photograph.

Pithy wood necklace

What was your first creation?

My first creation was the earrings and the Nigritt pendant. Nicola (my faithful assistant) and I saw in a book the photo of a perennial plant called Nigritella and we loved it, so we made the first drawing.

Where can we find and buy your jewelry?

You can find them in my Etsy store, in some stores in Barcelona, or in front of Christmas in some flea markets. On Instagram and on our website we will communicate the Christmas Markets.

What is your goal or purpose for this year?

I would love to do more collaboration with other brands and projects, and I would also like to do something for home. My boyfriend Nicola is an interior designer and I would very much like to create something with him. Let’s see what will happen!

How do you see the handmade market today?

I see that the handmade market is growing in recent years and also the public is becoming more interested in the world of “handmade”. Every time there are more gorgeous proposals and more professional designers or artisans who want to live what they love to do.

A tip for young entrepreneurs / artisans:

Never give up!

Handmade jewelry necklaces

From Labois we want to thank Rita’s participation in our project. We really liked knowing the origins of Pithy, so we encourage you to visit her website to learn more about her jewelry. And do not miss your Instagram account to keep up with your participation in the Christmas markets.

See you in the next post!