Year after year, PANTONE surprises us with its selection of color trend for the new season. Designers from all sectors work and propose many of these colors, of which only a few will achieve fashion. Clothing, decoration, vehicles or even garden will be dressed with those colors, so it is worth knowing them and letting themselves be inspired. Therefore, today we present the finalist colors and, apparently, mark a before and after in the windows of the whole world.

color trends pantone 2018

Eight fashion colors

The selection of PANTONE for the spring-summer 2018 brings many surprises. From the outset, we find a wide range of new colors, which break with what was seen in previous seasons. In fact, the chromatic divergence will be characteristic, looking for original and exclusive tones.

The spring-summer scene has been conceived as an explosion of color, where spontaneity and joy triumphs. Here the protagonist is daring and for this reason a palette of basic, primary and atypical colors has been sought. If we compare it with the colors of last autumn, we see clear differences. Ocher, gray and dark blue now give way to yellow, green or red. It is a transition from darkness to light, but also a commitment to life and fun.

PANTONE 13-0646, Meadowlark

Parece ser la gran apuesta de este 2018. El amarillo intenso, lleno de energía y luz. El Meadowlark toma el relevo otros amarillos más apagados de anteriores temporadas. Si bien el amarillo siempre ha estado presente -sobre todo en verano- ahora se lleva al extremo, tomando un mayor protagonismo.

PANTONE 13-0550, Lime Punch

Following this line, we find the Lime Punch. As its name suggests, it is the most acid and daring version of the yellow of all life. The radical tone is very close to green, essential in spring.

PANTONE 15-1520, Blooming Dahlia

Warm, tender and subtle. The Blooming Dahlia is a sample of the contrast of color trends of this new season. Its pink tone places it among the most discreet tones, but at the same time elegant and functional.

PANTONE 15-1214, Warm Sand

The neutral tone of this color palette is provided by Warm Sand. It is a color halfway between cream and beige. It is a winning bet as it is one of the classic colors of this season, which, in turn, combines perfectly with the colors of other seasons.

paleta colores tendencias 2018

PANTONE 12-2103, Almost Mauve

The minimalist point is found in the Almost Mauve. Subtle and delicate, this white with a light pink touch is a delight for all spaces. Whether in a dress, in shoes or as the color of a wall, it is a color that manages to unite balance and character.

PANTONE 16-5533, Arcadia

Each spring has its green and this 2018 is called Arcadia. Retro or modern? Yes, we have also asked ourselves. Maybe it’s both at the same time, but undoubtedly this bluish green brings us a natural sigh full of energy.

PANTONE 18-3838, Ultra Violet

A lilac color in spring – summer? Yes, the Ultra Violet is one of the few colors inherited from this winter and that reminds us of the Royal Lilac. Like this, it manages to maintain its originality and charisma, but with a more lively point, close to lavender. If you are looking to convey elegance and sophistication, this is your color.

PANTONE 17-3020, Spring Crocus

And finally … a fuchsia! The Spring Crocus closes this color palette with the same impact as the yellow Meadowlark. Powerful but charming, this is one of the colors that has most surprised – and will surprise – this new season. In addition to clothing, it is a highly recommended color for interior decoration. Its strength allows to highlight details, especially in spaces decorated with neutral tones

tendencias moda decoracion 2018

What do you think? What color trends do you prefer?

We leave it here. See you in the next post 😉