If you are looking for new ideas for your handmade creations, watercolours can be that element you are looking for. Despite its antiquity, this technique is constantly changing, appearing in new applications and styles. As we saw in the past article about crayons, watercolors also have multiple formats and qualities. Therefore, we tell you which are the best watercolour brands, so you can start with a good base. We started.


Best watercolours brands


Sennelier watercolors are made in France by hand. Their particularity is that their production is made by honey. The nectar of the honey gives to the watercolour, besides its conservative agents, a great unctuosity and luminosity. In search of excellence, Sennelier made his watercolours by integrating more honey. This has allowed to increase the resistance and give to colors more brightness and luminosity. The watercolour Sennelier refers to the Impressionist school. It was used to express spontaneity, lightness, fluidity and transparency to look for a light, a vibration, a form.

This mixture of noble products allows obtaining colors of unctuous and bright texture, gives alive and colored nuances. Gum arabic and honey provide a high quality in each stroke, in contrast to water and pigment.

Thanks to honey, the Sennelier watercolors are very weather resistant. After each use, the colors remain faithful to the diversities of light and shapes. A case of 12 godets costs about 50 €.


The Schmincke watercolour is manufactured in Germany and is considered by the artists as the highest quality on the market. It has a very high resistance to light and a great pigmentary concentration. The high concentration of the pigments, it contributes luminous and alive colors. But the resistance to light depends not only on the pigment, but on the total formulation. Each color is formulated with a single pigment, which is why each color has its own individual formula. This allows a professional painting and with greater solidity to the light, besides a great creaminess.

A main ingredient is gum arabic from Sahara. As a natural product, the result of watercolours can vary from year to year. That is why it adds small but significant quality advantages.

One of the characteristics of Schmincke is the production process. Pour the watercolors in a liquid state, allowing the color to dry and settle to each filling. That is why, once the palette dries, the paint is completely reusable. A pack of 12 godets can cost us about € 85.



If you are looking for watercolors with excellent value for money, Rembradt-Talens is your brand. Its colors, pure and intense, are a delight for most artists, whether beginners or experts. The pigments are fine and are based on Arabic gum, thus achieving a maximum degree of transparency. This attribute makes it perfectly diluable to the water, which facilitates its application and work. And this without sacrificing its properties: today continues to be watercolours that offer greater resistance to light.

Rembrandt presents a palette composed of 80 bright and intense colors. A case of 12 colors has a price of approximately € 45. For this and its quality, it is an option recommended.

Van Gogh

This mythical Dutch brand seeks a quality product that covers most painting techniques, from individual colors to sets and cases. It offers a wide range of products, most at a good price.

So if you are a watercolor enthusiast or a beginner in the art world, Van Gogh is the best choice. You can have a quality product without having to make a big investment. In addition, it is an easy mark to find: it is present in more than 80 countries and thousands of people have already used their watercolors. For 25 € you can get a box of 12 pills.

Winsor & Newton

With a palette of 96 colors, Winsor and Newton offers a range of watercolors for professionals with vibrant colors. Its high performance thanks to its pure pigments, which guarantees a long term resistance. These pigments are known worldwide for their brightness.

Winsor and Newton present a large color palette, based on 75 pigments ranging from the most modern colors to the traditional ones. This guarantees excellent mixtures, although they are still far from the qualities of Schmincke.

It is possible to say that it is one of the few brands that exist that guarantees the permanence of its colors. A case of 12 Winsor & Newton professional watercolors costs € 70 approx.

We hope we have helped you in choosing your next watercolours. If you know any other brand or you have preference for any of them, do not forget to leave your comment. See you in the next post 😉