A few days ago we presented a brief summary of the best watercolour papers. According to this, today we present 4 examples of paper mills: tradition, quality and commitment to excellence.

Paper mills: tradition and modernity

 Paper mills of spain


In the heart of the Basque Country we find Eskulan. It is a paper mill which, as its name in Euskara indicates, is an example of “handmade work”. They elaborate many colours, textures and grammage. They are special papers, of high quality, that have been the support of artists, for example Eduardo Chillida.

Juan Barbé and Javier Viñarás are responsible for this project, one of the best paper mills in our country. In their workshop, we can find papers for engravings, serigraphs, watercolours… in addition to others imported from countries like Nepal, Philippines or Mexico. It could be said that each paper is in itself a work of art, done with great care.

Paper for artists handmade painters


Papermaking continues to be one of the most polluting jobs of our time. The need for high amounts of water for its realization and the use of bleaching chemicals generate a serious environmental impact.

For this reason, we find one of the paper mills most committed to responsible and sustainable production: Garzapapel. Located in Valencia, this company is dedicated to obtain artisan paper, done in the traditional way. The differentiation lies in a commitment to the use of non-polluting raw materials. For this, they use 100% recycled cotton and natural products of agricultural origin (cereals and vegetable resins). This allows us to create high-quality paper and contribute to a sustainable development model.

In his catalog we find a wide variety of references: papers for watercolour, drawing, notebooks…

 Sustainable handmade paper

Mill of Capellades

In the small town of Capellades (Barcelona province) we find one of the most beautiful and well-known paper mills in our country. Its history goes back to the eighteenth century and a few years ago it was converted into a museum. There, it is collected and illustrated how the paper was made at that time, but also continues to manufacture handmade paper on request.

In the mill of Capellades we can find handmade paper of high quality, acid free (PH Neutral). It is made from various fibers: cotton, linen, hemp, abaca and sisal. This gives some characteristics that make this paper one of the most versatile, being especially suitable for graphic and plastic arts. In addition, they are offered at a very attractive price and is one of the most environmentally friendly. You can also participate in some of its courses and workshops.

 paper Mill the farga banyoles girona

Sastres Paperers – Molí de la Farga

Finally, one of our favorite paper mills: the Molí de la Farga. Its history is linked to its three founders, Toni Sardà, Jordi Torrent and Mamen Cagigós. Toni was trained in Capellades, where he learned the craft of paper craftsman. Afterwards, he opened his own workshop in Crespià (Girona), where he received an order from the artist Antoni Tàpies. This allowed him to become known and develop the paper mill project with the aim of offering a quality product handmade under the brand Aquari. Since then, their roles can be found in stores around the world and continue to be used by national and international artists.

We leave it here for today. What do you think of these paper mills? Do you know any and would you like to share it?

See you in the next post :)