If you are one of those who on every trip sees a corner to sit and paint, this post interests you. Today we present a selection of the best watercolours for travel. There are for all pockets, so we have chosen those that best fit the requirements of the trip. Therefore, they cover the most necessary colours and are presented in light and resistant boxes. Also, they are good value for money and fit in any bag.

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The best watercolours for travel

In the world of watercolours we can find many brands, but not all are usually available. A few days ago we talked about the best brands. In the case of travel watercolours, it is likely that you should search some online store. Even so, we have good news: most of these boxes has an attractive price.

Sennelier l’Aquarelle of 14 half godets 

The French brand Sennelier offers some of the best watercolours for travel. This is the Aquarelle 14 half godets kit, which also includes a compact brush. It comes in a metallic case, light and pleasant touch. Regarding the colours, the box includes: Carmine, Lemon Yellow, Sennelier Orange, Quinacridone Red, French Vermillion, Purple Dioxacin, Dark Blue Overseas, Phtalocinin Blue, Pine Green, Light English Green, Payne Gray, Natural Sepia, Dark Shellac and toasted sienna.

We must say that these travel watercolours are designed for extra-fine work. Each colour stands out for its light and creamy consistency, so characteristic of Sennielier. Price of the set: 55 €.

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Schminke Horadam of 12 half godets 

Schminke is synonymous with high quality watercolours and good results. In this case, we chose the metal box of 12 half godets. It is a balanced set, very well used, ideal to carry in the bag or pocket. In addition, Schminke has had the success of including a very useful brush that can serve as the main brush.

In this case, the set includes the colours: lemon yellow, cadmium red, cadmium red, permanent carmine, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, phtalocinin green, olive green, ocher yellow, red venetian brown, sepia brown and black ivory. Price: 65 €.

Rembrandt of 12 half godets

The Rembrandt set is the box of watercolours for travel that offers a better balance of colours. For this reason, we believe it is a recommended option for all types of trips and landscapes.

We must not forget that Rembrandt is a professional brand, which is a guarantee against other brands. Although the price is somewhat high, the result is worth it. They are fine colours, suitable even for demanding detail work. Price: 50 €.

Watercolours Winsor & Newton Cotman of 12 colours

As we saw in the review, it is a good option for those who are looking for watercolours for travel at a good price. In this case, we are faced with a rigid plastic box, light and very resistant, and a basic brush. It has the main colours, although we miss the colour. That way we could optimize this great palette without making a big investment.

We should say that although it is a box of watercolours of € 14, its quality is good. Obviously it is not in the same league as the previous ones, but they are a very interesting economic alternative. If you are an apprentice or want to start in the world of watercolours, this is a very good option.

Van Gogh of 24 half godets

Finally, a box of watercolours for travel very versatile. This is a set of 24 half godets, so we will have twice colours than in the previous options. The interesting thing here is in its price: 45 €. So, it is a box of watercolours of medium range that offers us multitude of colours, in addition to a classic brush, at a reasonable price.

In this case, it is a recommended option for demanding learners, who are looking for an assortment of colours that allow them to work in and outside the classroom. Without doubt, it is a suitable alternative to know the chromatic variety of watercolours without having to spend a lot of money.

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What do you think? Have you ever thought that travel watercolours will choose for your next getaway?

See you in the next post :)