Traveling on the Lot – Dordogne (France) is not a conventional proposition. In fact, it is still an area to be rediscovered, although in recent years it is an increasingly popular destination. Perhaps you remember the spectacular promotional ad of Midi Pyrenees, in which the region was alluded to. History, gastronomy and a bucolic landscape. We were captivated by the idea, so we decided to discover in first person this beautiful region of France.

Today, we present you a selection of some of the best places in the Dordogne – Lot. If you are one of those people looking for a magical place, calm and charming, you cannot miss these places:

Travel to Lot – Dordogne:


viajar a dordogne francia en coche

Starting from the south, it is the first village that we found, situated in a spectacular place between the river and a steep cliff. Rocamadour is a village-sanctuary dedicated to Sant Amador, full of pilgrims, tourists and curious travellers.

If you go by car, it is advisable to park in the periphery or in the car parks located near the tourist information point. There begins one of the main footpaths, which descends to the lowest level of the city. From here you can take fantastic photos with the city in the background.

The medieval past still remains intact. Its main street, full of restaurants, shops and activities for tourists, is determined by the verticality of the area. It is in this street where you will find the stairs to climb to the sanctuary and to the castle located at the top of the cornice.

Grotto of Padirac

At the east of Rocamadour, we find this famous grotto, one of the largest and most spectacular in the world. Although from the outside it may seems like a simple hole in the ground, the dimensions inside it are imposing.

Going down to the base is just the beginning of this trip. There begins a journey to the depths of the earth, where we will sail in a boat through an underground river and the capricious forms of geology.

Access to the grotto is only open in summer. Our advice is that even if you go on a hot sunny day, bring warm clothes (sweater, long pants and jacket). The temperature inside the grotto usually does not exceed 10 ° C.


viajar por francia autorie villa ruralescapada rural francia cascada autorie agua para bañarse

Autorie is a charming town, which is practically accessed if we pass expressly. A 20-minute by walk from the village, there is a fairy-tale waterfall. It is not easy to find the road, so we advise you to ask a neighbour where to find it. After a short walk through the countryside and the forest, you will arrive at a spectacular waterfall. Without a doubt, it is a postcard corner and a jewel for the hottest days.

Dordogne River

From Autoire, we find the river Dordogne – protagonist of our trip. It is a river with a wide but low flow, making it suitable for kayaking routes. For the romantic ones, the Dordogne River offers plenty of places for a picnic and a wide variety of traditional food products: foie gras, truffle, wine or Rocamadour cheese.


carennac francia en region Lot franciapueblos con encanto francia carennac

Following the river we arrive at Carennac. It is a small town located on top of a rock. Their houses are a clear example of the traditional architecture of the region, being one of the most beautiful villages of our route. From the top you will have a spectacular view of the region and its curious geography.


productos artesanales y de proximidad mercado de Martel Lot

Located to the north, across the Dordogne River, we find Martel. Walking through its streets is a journey into the past, where the architecture of its buildings keeps alive the medieval history of this town.

You cannot miss the market square. Every Wednesday and every Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., you will find local products at a good price. In addition, in the square you will also find restaurants where you can rest, eat or drink.


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We finish our route in this picturesque village, located to the north. As its name suggests, all the walls and streets of the village are red. The stone with which they are made, reddish sandstone, is characteristic of this locality and has been used for centuries. The result is a beautiful village, worthy of the best fantasy stories.

If you visit it by car, you should know that traffic is prohibited inside the municipality. So, you have to park in some of the parkings on the periphery or in some more distant street.

Without a doubt, Collonges-la-Rouge deserves a quiet walk through its streets. It can be said that if you visit it in a rainy day, we will be able to see the red color of its buildings in its most alive and shining state.

We finish our route through Lot – Dordogne here. Whether it is alone, in couple or in family, it is a destination you must do. Culture, gastronomy, products handmade, routes through fantastic spaces, are just some of the things that you can find. We have fallen in love and will surely repeat. If you still have doubts, in our Instagram you will find more photos and details.

See you in the next post 😉