We finish our route through Aveyron, in Figeac. Located in the Lot department, it is one of the most charming cities within Midi-Pyrénées region. We are very fans of this region for its beautiful combination of heritage, tradition and nature. If you visit this area, you cannot miss the charm of Figeac.

Ciudad medieval Lot Midi-Pyrénées

Figeac, a medieval town

The town of Figeac dates from time immemorial, where it had a great importance during the medieval time thanks to the commerce. It is easy to imagine that time just to observe the buildings built during the Middle Ages. Losing oneself through its streets is like a journey through time in perfect harmony with the present life. Today it is still a city with a lot of vitality, thanks to its people and their lives. The best example of this is the famous Figeac market.

Mercado Figeac

Mercado fruta y verdura

During Saturdays of the whole year, the city becomes – literally – in a living commerce. The whole city is filled with a fantastic market full of sensations. We can find from the most basic products like fruit, vegetables, sausages, cheeses, eggs, bread and viennoiseries. All pieces placed with much pampering, where it is impossible not to buy (and take photos). But apart from the most basic, we find ready meal, from roasted chicken, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish … The combination of colours and aromas, attract everybody. But the market does not end here. It also dedicates space to the products craftsmen, flowers and clothes.

Finished the market, in less than 30 minutes the town is again the same as before. And instead, we find nice terraces in the market square. It is a tradition that day to have breakfast on some terrace to take advantage of the sun or go to eat after the market. We find several charming restaurants where you can enjoy traditional food with local products.

Pharaohs and writing

Figeac and Egypt have an important history in common, which provoked a before and after in history. Here Champollion was born (1790-1832), the decipherer of the Egyptian hieroglyphs from the Rosetta Stone. The city commemorates this great discovery with the Champollion museum, dedicated to writing. This museum, unique in Europe, gathers the history of the writings of the world, located in the same residence of Champollion. A must stop in Figeac, which continues with the Writers’ Square. It is formed with an immense black granite tile that covers the whole square. The wonderful thing about this square is that at our feet we find the hieroglyphs of the Rosetta stone.

Champollion egipto

Craftsmen in Figeac

In the streets of Figeac, we find many charming businesses that you cannot resist. From pretty bookshops to tea, master craftsmen of chocolate, handmade ceramics … As we have lately been fond of artisan knives, we would like to highlight the blacksmith Fabrice Chassint. He makes knives with the shape of a propeller because of his passion for aeronautics. Its most famous knife, “Le Figeac” represents the Bréget propeller manufactured in the 1990s by the leading global aircraft manufacturer. They are knives made with high quality materials, with different options of wooden handles. The originality of these knives and their quality makes them unique pieces of collector. If you liked them too, you can get them in his online store.

cuchillo artesano figeac

Nosotros lo dejamos aquí, esperamos que os haya gustado Figeac tanto como a nosotros. ¿Conocéis algún otro pueblo de Midi-Pyrénées para recomendarnos? :)