For years English gastronomy has been the focus of all kinds of culinary jokes. The reality but it is very different. In fact, it is one of the best cities in the world to go out to eat. That is why we want to do justice to the “bad reputation” of the English capital. We present a selection of the best London markets for foodies and handmade lovers.

Three central London markets you must visit

One of the best places to try traditional dishes of English gastronomy is in its markets. If you visit London, it is easy to find many places to eat both inside and around the markets. Here you can choose from a wide range of options: from traditional pubs and restaurants to hot food stops, to food-trucks. We love these three, for its incredible variety and for its excellent location.

Old Spitalfields markets london

Old Spitalfields market

Located close to Liverpool Street Station, Old Spitalfields market this is one of the most authentic markets in London. Inside it there are lot of handmade lover’s stands. We love the young and alternative spirit that is there: craft workshops, exhibitions of amateur artists, djs, …

If you are hungry, there are several options in the market. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy good Italian pasta, a fish & chip or oriental sweets.

We must say that Spitalfields belongs to the districts of East London, one of the areas with the highest growth in recent years. It is not a tourist area, so you can enjoy it with total tranquillity. If you walk there, nearby you will find other markets, such as located on Brick Lane.

camden markets craftman handmade

Camden market

Without a doubt, Camden is the most alternative market in London. Although today there are many stands for tourists, with articles that have little to do with the character of this mythical neighbourhood, it is still a benchmark in underground culture. Entering its streets and alleys is an adventure. Craftsmen, second-hand markets, brand stores … Camden is a market with its own microcosm and that makes it unique.

You cannot miss the monument to Amy Winehouse. There you will find plenty of places to eat or dine, as well as the famous Cyberdog shop.

borough market london foodies

Borough Market

The Borough Market is one of the largest markets in London. Epicentre of the freshest products of the city, it is a space where you can arm yourself with patience and discover, little by little, each of its delicacies. It is a market where to eat, but also where to buy high quality ingredients. The commitment to organic products is presented in most positions, even if they are produced in distant countries. The Borough Market is thus not only an alternative to the restaurant, but a whole healthy experience. Fruits of proximity or exotic, traditional and modern cheeses, craft beers, sweets, chocolates, … are just some examples of this universe of flavours and colours.

These are three of the best markets to eat in London. With their own style, each one reflects the essence and character of the English capital. You do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy them. That’s why we encourage you to visit them and enjoy each one of them.

We leave it here for today. See you in the next post 😉